What I can learn ?

The Cambridge School of Business is a new project that aims to teach and train people under business direction in an attractive way for the recipient. Participants have the opportunity to take part in online courses, which, through the use of modern and innovative technologies, are to teach, at the same time giving the user freedom and ease of use.

Online courses in the Cambridge School of Business are in the form of simulation that contains gamification elements.

The user has access to thematic courses that focus on different business areas. Each of them has an extensive form and focuses on different aspects. On the educational platform the user can find, among others: business planning focusing on the planning process or how working capital works, or crisis management requiring forward-thinking and company management in various crisis situations.

These are, of course, only some of the business aspects you have to deal with when choosing the Cambridge School of Business. We are constantly working on improving and expanding the offer of online business courses.

Importantly, the Cambridge School of Business is much more
business related than universities and reflects business reality in a
much better and more realistic way than what we are dealing with atschools or universities.

What you can learn is to work with others, carry out difficult and complex projects, be able to acquire the skills needed to set up your own business or learn as an excellent leader. Acquiring personal competencies allows you to develop in various areas of business.