About us

Our Business Online Academy is an innovative project created for all those who want to learn everything related to business not only using book knowledge based on definitions, but also in a simulated life-like practice through various exercises. Our project gives our customers realistic simulated opportunities. 

We provide a combination of learning, technology, knowledge and entertainment techniques in an accessible way.

Through the availability of our various types of courses and online simulation allows you to focus on the aspects of the business you are interested in or to develop in the direction of your choice.

What distinguishes our Business Online Academy from numerous offers?

First of all, an individual approach to the customer. A constantly developed offer, tailored to the customers’ needs and requirements, specialized courses focused on individual business departments. This is plausibly a much more effective method than studies with a similar specialization or other courses. Online simulations give us the knowledge we need, but more importantly, they force the user to use it in practice. In this way, it is processed and fixed.

Another advantage is the public availability of the offer. It can be used by anyone, in any place and at any time, wherever there is access to the Internet. Simulations do not require much commitment other than from a few, to several hours, and even advise the user to divide one course into several sessions. 

This is a very comfortable method for those who would like to learn something new without giving up their existing duties, but also for those for whom online courses and simulations will be an integral part of the work they do.

The effects of work are recorded, and with each step, we return to the moment when the exercises have been completed.

The program allows for repeated simulations depending on the user’s needs. It can be motivated by the desire to improve the results, check the effects after choosing a different strategy or completely change the concept of managing a virtual business. All of this has an impact on the aforementioned efficiency and results.