1. How do I get the certificate?

Certificates and diplomas are issued after completion of the course and sent via e-mail.

  • Do online courses require a special programme?

Online courses do not require you to have or download special programs, the only thing you need is an Internet access and a device that will allow you to play instructional videos. Deciding on a chosen course you get access to an online platform, where, after logging in, your adventure with various business departments begins.

  • How does this course differ from other programmes?

The course uses teaching methods that are more effective than traditional courses or studies. These are simulations with elements of games, so-called  “edutainment”, that is a combination of learning and entertainment. Knowledge passed on in a clear way verified during the game.

  • Can I buy only one program segment, e. g: ‘Basic economic skills’?

Yes, you can buy access for one program / simulation.

  • Why is access to courses limited in time and I don’t have it forever?

It is a form of motivating participants to work. Unrestricted access is associated with the constant postponement of learning, and thus dragging on for too long or abandoning the whole process altogether. This is a support and development aid.