Crisis and Change management

In this module, you are the general manager of a company that is producing exclusive designer silverware, mainly for high-class restaurants and hotels. Forknello has been on the market for a while, but from time to time it has faced various crises. You have recently joined the company, and you will have to resolve three different life-stage crisis situations.

In this module, you will learn more about crisis management through three different simulations.

We are going to face:

  • What crises can arise in a business’ life cycle?
  • What can cause a liquidity crisis, and what are the solutions?
  • What are the biggest risks of such crises?

The Challenge

In this simulation, you are the manager of an exclusive designer silverware company.

The name of your product is Forknello.

Forkenello has become one of the most famous designer silverware producers on the market. So far, you have sold in some European countries, and you have couple of distributors, but not all of them are successful. The company is up and running, and you have all the necessary machines and employees for production. Even though the products are popular, you still face continuous challenges.


The company’s previous management was fired, and the owners have appointed you as the new Managing Director. Your task is to manage your business’s operations, determine and find solutions for the upcoming crises, and stabilize your business’s economic status.


You will manage the business in three different life stages. Each stage will last for a couple of months, in which you will face different challenges. The solutions to these problems depend on you. Your aim is to lead the business through all three of the situations, identify the crises, and find a solution for them in order to stabilize the company. Get experience in crisis management through lifelike decision-making procedures. Be brave, and experiment with different strategies!

Chapter 1 – Liquidity crisis

At the beginning of the simulation, virtual colleagues will visit you to tell you what kind of problems can be experienced at the company, which should be solved quickly. After this, you will start to manage the business with the aim of making your way out of in this crisis. You take over the company in the 7th month, after 6 months of operation.

Chapter 2 – Technology crisis

Due to stricter healthcare rules you cannot continue your operation based on your previous technology. You need to decide on introducing new technologies, selling old assets and old raw materials, the fate of existing inventory, and supporting the new product’s introduction with marketing tools.

Chapter 3 – Crisis related to sales channels

The third crisis situation occurs after an inefficient operation of the foreign sales office. You can decide on the reorganization of this office. You need to revise the budget of this office, and also revise the general terms and conditions.

Parallel to this, the sales channels go through a significant change, which requires active management from you! The goal is to stabilize the sales activity of your company.

Crisis and Change management as a simulation that is using gamification elements

What to do in crisis situations? What to focus on? What decisions should be made to avoid the bankruptcy of the company? You can learn and train all this by playing the business simulation on our platform – as often as you want (the more often, the better). Our Online Business simulation is divided into twelve periods. Each of them focuses on a different, specific management skill. Crisis and Change management focuses on different types of crisis situations, at different stages of the company’s operations.

The aim of the game is to manage the company during various crisis situations, which take place in different phases of the company’s development.

As we can read in the introduction, thanks to the business simulation you will learn and learn about the following topics:

  • What crises can arise in a business’ life cycle?
  • What can cause a liquidity crisis, and what are the solutions?
  • What are the biggest risks of such crises?

At the very beginning everything is explained in two instructional videos. The first one contains general information about the company and your product. It explains which topics you will gain knowledge in this module and what will be your responsibilities as a manager. The second one explains in more detail the structure of the company, what it does and outlines your responsibilities. The main task is to face the challenges – mostly related to the crisis – and reasonable management, which will make the company go straight and stable on the market. The videos are short but contain all the important information and clearly define the goal and rules of the game.

The business simulation consists of three chapters, to move on to the next need to successfully complete the previous one. At the very beginning of the gamification, you receive messages from your coworkers, in which they briefly describe what they do. After reading them, the game starts.

As the gamification develops, you need to make more and more decisions that will affect the final result of your work. Importantly, every month you receive a report that contains statistics, billing and possible tips on what to work on or invest in so that your company prospered better and coped with the crisis.

What is worth noting is the unlimited access to the Knowledge base, where you can find videos and articles explaining particular issues. So, if you need new information or fixation of those you already have, you can do it at any time, without any obstacles and in the form that suits you.

If you managed to complete the business simulation with good results – you get an evaluation of your work. Each category is rated on a scale from 1 to 7. If you have not reached the maximum in one of them, you can read the tips – what else to work on, what to pay attention to or what to improve.

If you failed to pass the gamified simulation – you go bankrupt or there was maybe also another reason – don’t worry. You can repeat the business simulation as many times as you want during the license period. It is also a great way to learn because it allows you to learn from mistakes. If you know what you did wrong, you will try not to make the same mistakes in the next game, and thus you will develop your skills.

After the successive end of the business simulation, a quiz is unlocked, which checks your knowledge. These are questions about what you have been exposed to throughout the business simulation. The result of this quiz is given as a percentage.

Crisis and Change management simulation is a great way to learn and train also stressful situations within a company and exercise decision making process under these conditions. Thanks to its setup, the user feels like a company manager and has a real impact on success or failure. You don’t need to refer to specialist books and tutorials, because everything is available in this online game and simulation.

This is a pleasant method allowing the user to develop in a given field defined business skills, to have also fun and enjoy, and for sure it is worth to check that out.

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