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During each individual simulation you will learn how to analyze the basic elements of business operation by managing your own virtual company in a role play environment. Each individual course is case-based, where you have to actively take decisions in each of the scenario's. Your decisions influence the outcome of the simulation. You can repeat and train each situation as often as you wish. Thereby learning the outcomes of the decision(s) you took. The different courses help you master important business scenario's and real life situations. By being forced to make important decisions over the time-line of your virtual company, you improve your skill-set and ability to handle your stress-resistance.

Get a certificate

After completing each course, you can receive a certificate, issued by Cambridge School of Business Online, confirming that you have completed the relevant business simulation together with your result in the pertinent business scenario and the "key figures" of your last simulation.

Complete flexibility

You are completely free to choose the timing and place. Access to our online platform is possible with a wide range of communication devices. This flexibility allows you to learn and use your course in our online platform whenever you want. You simply need an internet connection. The platform uses different tools, such as video's, messages from your virtual company and of course the business simulations, but all in your own time and as often as you want within the course duration.

Decisions matter - Learn & Train the Methods of Business in a risk-free simulation environment!

Learn and Train "Decision making" in our safe and risk-free Business simulation environment. Develop new Business skills in the fields of Entrepreneurship, Business Development, Communication Skills, Strategic Thinking, Adaptation Skills, Change Management and many more....

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Teacher - Mentor - Motivator! Why are we different.

First of all, our online platform is your "Teacher" in gaining knowledge and basic skills. As a "Mentor" it helps you train and develop your "decision making process" together with the abilities to analyse and judge - plus create actions based upon your decisions'. Furthermore, as"Motivator" it encourages you not to be afraid of, and to undertake decisions. Consequently it also helps you build your self-confidence by being able to recreate the decision making process over and over again in a safe and risk free business simulation environment.

"Learning by doing - with no risk!" - The program allows you or even encourages/convinces you, to consider repeated simulations. Your decisions can be motivated by the desire to improve your simulated results, check the effects after choosing a different strategy or completely change the concept of managing a virtual business. Learning by doing is proven the most effective way of learning!

Experience and Background - Working for the biggest and best!

Cambridge School of Business is a collaboration between the Cambridge School of English, Cambridge School Online, L2 - Language Consulting and the creators of the Online Business simulation learning platform, collectively the aim is to create a project that is more business-oriented than regular courses or universities.

Cambridge School of English is a professional, accredited language school and Business Training provider offering Business Trainings and English language courses with qualified Trainers and Native Speakers. It also cooperates with L2 Language Consulting - a professional training provider, language school and translation agency, providing language training for multinational companies, including English courses and translating from and into a wide number of languages. With more than 50 years of training experience and educating, during their existence, staff of many international corporation's, such as Nestle, Bayer, Coca-Cola and many more, we have extracted the needs of many different business situations and turned this, with technical support, into an online business simulation platform, that allows users to improve their "decision making process" within a safe and risk-free environment. This enables the users, to develop their professional skill set and adopt it to the special requirements of their daily operational work environment.

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