Financial skills and supply chain management – Free trial


14 days free limited trial license and login

In the free limited trial version you have only a very basic access to the simulation as well as to statistics and reporting.

You can login to and repeat the business simulation as often as you wish during the license period, to learn the most and exercise your decision making.


Financial skills and supply chain management

During the Online business simulation, you will run a manufacturing company and produce a mobile phone projector. You will need to sell this product in order to succeed.

During this business course, you will manage a complete enterprise management (supply chain management) process from production to sales.

In the Financial Knowledge and Supply Chain Management module, you can master the following topics at the basic level:

  • Compare and choose development projects
  • Manage financing alternatives and liquidity plan
  • Financial indicators: liquidity, indebtedness
  • Diversification of sales channels
  • Unexpected business events with sales channels
  • Raw material management